Tny255pn Ac Dc Convertidor Alta Eficiencia Original Dip7 Ic

$ 14.600

Tny255pn Ac Dc Offline Converter Alta Eficiencia


Product Highlights

Lowest Cost, Low Power Switcher Solution
• Lower cost than RCC, discrete PWM and other integrated/hybrid
• Cost effective replacement for bulky linear adapters
• Lowest component count
• Simple ON/OFF control – no loop compensation devices
• No bias winding – simpler, lower cost transformer
• Allows simple RC type EMI filter for up to 2 W from
universal input or 4 W from 115 VAC input
Extremely Energy Efficient
• Consumes only 30/60 mW at 115/230 VAC with no load
• Meets Blue Angel, Energy Star, Energy 2000 and 200 mW
European cell phone requirements for standby
• Saves $1 to $4 per year in energy costs (at $0.12/kWHr)
compared to bulky linear adapters
• Ideal for cellular phone chargers, standby power supplies for
PC, TV and VCR, utility meters, and cordless phones.
High Performance at Low Cost
• High-voltage powered – ideal for charger applications
• Very high loop bandwidth provides excellent transient
response and fast turn on with practically no overshoot
• Current limit operation rejects line frequency ripple
• Glitch free output when input is removed
• Built-in current limit and thermal protection
• 44 kHz operation (TNY253/4) with snubber clamp
reduces EMI and video noise in TVs and VCRs
• Operates with optocoupler or bias winding feedback

The TinySwitch family uses a breakthrough design to provide
the lowest cost, high efficiency, off-line switcher solution in
the 0 to 10 W range. These devices integrate a 700 V power
MOSFET, oscillator, high-voltage switched current source,
current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry. They start-up
and run on power derived from the DRAIN voltage, eliminating
the need for a transformer bias winding and the associated
circuitry. And yet, they consume only about 80 mW at no load,
from 265 VAC input. A simple ON/OFF control scheme also
eliminates the need for loop compensation.

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Tny255pn Ac Dc Convertidor Alta Eficiencia Original Dip7 Ic

Tny255pn Ac Dc Convertidor Alta Eficiencia Original Dip7 Ic
Tny255pn Ac Dc Convertidor Alta Eficiencia Original Dip7 Ic
$ 14.600
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